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A Very Warm Welcome.

> Wing Chun training with me is about you (not me).

> You will be faster, sharper, more aware.

> Wing Chun is not in conflict with any other martial art, and adds to your current skills.

> I will teach you in a way that sets you free on your own path.

> Wing Chun is the ultimate martial art. That’s why I do it.

Sifu A. Chaatouf

only authentic technique

You can learn with me using these options


  • I’m interested.
  • I want more information.
  • How does Wing Chun compare to other martial arts?
  • I want to think about the pros and cons.
  • I need time to research the LearnWingChunFast system.


Join me on Facebook

>The LWCF Facebook page has wide ranging information.

>It includes best posts on Facebook about Wing Chun 

>It needs a few hours to review all the posts.

> A lot of your questions will be answered.

> In my opinion there is no conflict or criticism between the martial arts.


  • I am familiar with Wing Chun.
  • I’m trying to decide if it’s right for me.
  • I’m not sure I can learn quickly, but want to try.
  • I think the LearnWingChunFast system sounds too good to be true, but I’d like to try, rather than give up on this opportunity before even starting.


Buy my online video course Si Lim Tao Real Learning. This is the most beautifully filmed and edited course (as well as most effective)- I’ve compared it to the competition.


> Get ready for the first form Si Lim Tao.

> SLT has 70% of Wing Chun knowledge.

> You will understand the movements.

> You will understanding the purpose.

> You will understand the philosophy.

> You will be following in the footsteps of Bruce Lee, who credited Wing Chun with his success.

> SLT practice will work (like magic).

> You will change into having self-defence (and offence) ability.

> The SLT form is a moving meditation – your brain will feel good.

> You will have a top quality Si Lim Tao form, within days.

> There will be dramatic effects on your attitude and ability.

> It will take weeks (Not years as in a standard class – bold claim – and not just that but guaranteed results).


  • I want to learn fast. This fits with my lifestyle and principles.
  • I don’t want to waste years in a standard class.
  • I don’t want to end up like the students in Wing Chun videos (Instructors might be ok, but students look unable).
  • I want to feel the blistering power and speed Wing Chun can unlock.
  • I don’t want to waste my time or my life.


Join LWCF e-Training

>It’s all online.

>Learn with me from anywhere in the world.

>Lessons are pre-recorded.

>You can re-watch as many times as you want.

>You send me what you’ve learned.

>The next lesson contains feedback.

>You will feel that I am teaching you personally.

>I will be doing 1:1 online training as well.

>You can ask me any questions.

>You will have easy online access to me.


  • I can travel to West Yorkshire, UK.
  • I can dedicate a whole day at a time.
  • I want intensive one:one exclusive training.
  • I need this for excelling at my job (security/bouncer).
  • I just want to be great at Wing Chun.
  • I want to be great at Wing Chun, and as fast as possible.
  • I am committed and want Wing Chun in my life.


Train with me in person for huge results

> You will have my undivided attention.

> I will pass on my knowledge to you.

> Your head will hurt, but you will learn.

> You will understand Wing Chun.

> You will love Wing Chun.

> The aim is to learn the forms very fast.

> It’s 8 hours of relentless training in a day.

> You will have to maintain daily practice.

> This is very hard. You have to bring the heart and commitment (think Rocky).

Click this link for more info and videos of training in action.

Start learning Wing Chun now. Seize the moment. Dive in.

I’d like to have your email address to send you a brief series of emails

In return you get 5 awesome lessons designed for immersive, accelerated learning of the beginning of the Si Lim Tao Form 

the same button here again – just click and start

a complete fighting system – direct, easy and effective

Questions you might ask

  • Wing Chun is a complete fighting system and a unique product of the long history of Chinese Kung Fu.
  • It is simply all fighting movements that are direct, easy and effective.
  • It is designed for the ordinary person to transform into the most effective fighter in the shortest amount of time.
  • I believe Wing Chun gives you the most return on your investment of time and effort, over and above the other martial arts.
  • I want to show you how to learn this amazing martial art, which will transform your life.
  • I want you to achieve a high standard and have the teaching ability to get you there.
  • I don’t like to waste time and am committed to getting you outstanding results quickly.
  • To the best of my knowledge I am the only teacher to give you guaranteed results.

To live a better quality life, with respect to self-confidence, self-defence potential, mindfulness, fitness, health and happiness.

Wing Chun can truly be done well even into advanced old age. This is in contrast to other martial arts involving grappling and throws. The forms contain the individual movements that are the alphabet of the Wing Chun language. Memorisation and practice of this alphabet will lead you to be able to do Wing Chun.

A fundamental principle of Wing Chun is to do only the minimum required movement. This means elaborate athletic and flexible moves are not required. Another principle is understanding the power that can be generated from the mechanics of the body. This means only a small amount of muscle bulk is required. You do not have to have the physique from weight-training or be a gymnast to do Wing Chun.

Wing Chun history is famously recalled in the Ip Man series of films. Ip Man 4 is coming. The enduring popularity of Bruce Lee shows us the special potential of Wing Chun to allow innovation in martial arts.

3 hand forms, then wooden dummy, then knives and pole forms

The Wing Chun Curriculum

It can take years in a traditional class. Welcome to accelerated learning.

Fast-Forward Training Time


To learn your subject deeply gives you the ability to think laterally and truly master your skill. You can then apply Wing Chun knowledge to other aspects of your life. You will be able to see the purpose and power in every single component. You will be able to create your own style and grow as a martial artist.


You must be sure that what you are learning is the real deal. The standard for Wing Chun has been set by GreatGrandMaster Ip Man and standards continue to be maintained by GM Ip Chun and GM Ip Ching. I aim to uphold these standards.


Feedback is key to making progress. My strength as a teacher is that I am willing and able to give you detailed feedback on the subtleties of every movement. Lack of feedback will result in poor technique and lack of progress, whereas frequent high quality feedback will result in awesome technique and amazing progress.


Everybody needs motivation. For most of us this comes from a good teacher. Learning the new skill of Wing Chun requires specific motivational resources which I aim to  provide in the blog, on my facebook page and in person. I am always in your corner.


Any habit should become secure after 30 days continued practice. I provide very close support during this time so that you do not ‘fall off the wagon’. Once Wing Chun becomes your habit, you will find it easy to practice and achieve more.


It takes a strong personality and self-belief to achieve excellence in a martial art. Add effort and dedication to Wing Chun and rapid success is likely. This strategy needs to be cultivated and is more important than natural talent. I will make sure you put this strategy into action. Progress is made in tiny steps everyday. I will make sure you recognise your progress and keep you on track to your goals.

Reassuring people are willing to endorse my teaching! Thank you all.


Whilst training with Ahmed I found his methods to be unique. His direct approach cuts through the unnecessary repetitions, which I found to be really effective. His dedication and love of Wing Chun, spills over in his training, so you know you are getting authentic teaching methods. These are not only informative, but effective in the application when confronted by an opponent. He is able to accelerate your learning by only giving you the methods that, not only make sense, but actually work in the real world. His unique approach is not only refreshing, but can speed up your goal to achieving Wing Chun mastery. I highly recommend Ahmed. He is honest and does not hold back on the secrets of Wing Chun.

Shab Bashir, UK

I am Kamran Buneri, from Pakistan. I’m learning Wing Chung from Sifu Ahmed Chaatouf. I feel when I started, I was just new, and now I have learned from him online I’m very happy. It’s so easy to learn from Sifu Ahmed Chaatouf. He is teaching me very well. I want to say thanks to Sifu for this. My friends want to learn now as well.

Kamran Buneri

It is a wonderful beginning to learning how to be Wing Chun master with Sifu Ahmed. He is talented as he does always makes me better with exercise in Wing Chun. He is very efficient and dedicated to his students learn calmly and dedication. Has found a way to reduce the learning time. Makes me good and comfortable workout in system with his own way to come to gain the necessary skills to put into practice in real life also. Is an honor to be trained by you Sifu Ahmed. Respect.

Moris, Albania

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Welcome to Learn Wing Chun Fast. This is a system designed to get you outstanding results without wasting time. So you will improve faster here than with anyone else. Therefore you will become effective within months (saving 5+ years). (It's still hard work)