Learn Wing Chun FAST

Intensive and accelerated one to one training
You will reach an effective Wing Chun ability
No time wasting, hard work, worth the effort

About this intensive training in Wing Chun

It is for you if:

You are doubting your ability with current training and not feeling the internal energy that Wing Chun is supposed to give you. (We are a small, friendly community so no disrespect intended to your instructor.) If this is the case I can definitely review and tighten up your forms, so every movement is with mental focus, generating power and chi.

You are wanting to go beyond a relaxed and static body mindfulness. If you're wondering what lies beyond meditation and mindfulness you will be challenged by learning Wing Chun where your mind actively moves your body.

You are keen to have a martial art for all the many benefits of fitness, self-discipline, learning a physical skill and self-defence. In my opinion Wing Chun gives you all the benefits of other martial arts, but is uniquely evolved to suit the ordinary person in terms of flexibility and muscle bulk.

You hate wasting time and want to maximise results, then Wing Chun is probably for you. It is designed to be learned quickly (although of course it keeps people busy for a lifetime of deeper discovery and improving ability).

Everything about Wing Chun is about maximum result (damage to opponent) with the most economic strike to end a fight quickly.

It might not be for you if:

You want a sweaty workout or enjoy full contact fighting, then Wing Chun will not appeal. We tend to be more thoughtful people and Wing Chun training only involves Chi Sau - a very gentle sparring where no one gets hurt.

Learning with me involves:

One day to learn each form. During an intense 5 hours (up to 7), I will teach you one form. You leave the day knowing the routine, understanding the purpose of each movement and doing the movement correctly. When you can do every movement in the form correctly and use your mind, you will feel that 'something special' about Wing Chun, where you are tapping into the natural strength of the human body's physics and the way the muscles, tendons, joints and skeleton are structured and move best.

After the one day face to face training, I support you for the next 30 days online, to make sure all the learning is consolidated and the habit is formed for continuing practice and self-development.

There are 3 hand forms which could be learned over 3 months minimum. Daily practice is needed, but I take responsibility to get you to reach your goals.

The wooden dummy is the iconic training tool of Wing Chun, and the most useful for continued self-learning. Learning the wooden dummy forms would take another 3 months and plan for this would be agreed for each individual.

The downside:

Chi Sau is an essential training tool as well. I don't have a solution yet on how you can practice this beyond going to Wing Chun seminars or regular class.

Some video evidence of learning with me:

Whilst on holiday (visiting my Mum in Nador, Morocco) recently, Ilyas wanted to learn and after 6 hours (4 hours day one, then 1 hour on 2 days during that same week) achieved a really good quality Si Lim Tao. He is aged 15, and said he was being bullied, so was very motivated to learn. I'm next on holiday in April and will teach him Chum Kiu and then in summer Biu Jee.

​This is my videos page on facebook. One video is 'Ilyas after 6 hours training'.

This clip is of a Facebook Friend who I have been teaching online (but he has been learning with other people as well) and met for the first time in real life. We were able to really improve his technique in real life. 

​Elabdi after one day refining technique

​Thank you for reading. Respect and best regards, Ahmed